Chastisements, Purges, Destruction - and a Remedy

Souls who live by, with, and in the Will of God act as an embankment to His Justice.

An excerpt from the book: Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta - the Middle Years, Part-A.

by Frank  Rega

     The Lord asked Luisa to enter into His Will and penetrate between heaven and earth, going through everyone.  His Will is light, and this all-seeingness is the passport to enter everywhere, from the depths to the heights, and into the most intimate hiding places.  She is to place her thoughts, heartbeats, pains – her whole being – in circulation within the Divine Will.  With the passport of its light she can enter into each act of creatures and multiply His life in each one of them. Luisa did as He requested, and going around in the Supreme Volition, she made her thoughts, words and reparations flow through each created intelligence and work. As she did her acts, Jesus was formed wherever the light of the Eternal Will passed by.

     Afterwards she said to Him that it did not seem real that she could multiply His life, since He is already present everywhere.  He replied that although He is everywhere, it is by His immensity and power, and not by the love and acting of the soul in His Will.  When the creature enters into the Divine Will her acts and love make His life arise, according to how her acts are more or less extended and done.  This is why He celebrates so much when the soul living in the Divine Will returns to Him His own love, glory and very life.

     Later, Luisa told her confessor what had occurred, and how she had multiplied the life of Jesus by going around in His Will.  But the confessor was not convinced about it.  He said that if it were true, on that morning the world should have been changed, at least partly.  Jesus, upon hearing from Luisa about these thoughts of her confessor, told her not to worry about it.  During her lifetime, His Blessed Mother lived completely in the Divine Will, and yet the world continued in its course of evil, and did not appear to be changed in anything.  Yet by her continuous living in the Divine Will, Mary changed the destiny of mankind.  She performed the greatest of miracles: transporting heaven upon the earth.  For one who does the greatest, it is not necessary to do the lesser.

     The greater the good He wishes from a soul, the more He draws her closer, to make this good mature between the soul and Himself.  He segregates her from everyone and lets her be ignored.  It even becomes a sacrifice for her if she has to come close to some creature, and it takes His power in order for her to submit to this when it is His Will. 

     Luisa should not lose heart, but continue to write, since this effort is necessary.  Each effect, value and good He makes known about His Will and what can be accomplished by the creature living in it, is one more bait, magnet, and taste to draw and attract souls to live in it.  By not manifesting these goods, light would be lacking to guide them, and they would not have that great yearning to rise above all else in order to live life in His Will.

     While she occupies herself with His Will and making it known, she should not think that everything remains the same, and that that the earth receives no benefit from it.  She is wrong in thinking this.  The generations are running headlong in a dizzying decline in evil.  Who is it that sustains them, and prevents them from being submerged in a precipitous decline to the point of disappearing from the face of the earth?   Recently the sea broke its boundaries, threatening to swallow entire cities, and Luisa’s own town was in great danger.  Who held back this scourge and made the waters stop?  This is precisely the great scourge that is being prepared for the ugly, vertiginous, headlong race of creatures in evil.  All nature wants to place herself against man – the sea, fire, and the wind are about to leave their boundaries and strike and decimate him.

     It is not trivial that among these irreparable evils, Jesus calls Luisa, raising her between heaven and earth.   Identifying her with His own acts, He makes her run within the Divine Will to prepare the act opposite to the many evils that inundate the earth.  She is preparing good, trying to conquer man with His love.  She is giving man the light and knowledge of the Divine Volition, so that he may be strengthened, and desist from his reckless fall into evils.  

     Then Jesus disappeared, and she remained embittered, thinking about the downward spiral of creatures and the turmoil which nature will cause against them.  After she resumed her prayers, Jesus returned to her in a pitiful state.  He was restless, moaning and grieving, and she begged Him to share His pains with her.  As she was saying this, she found herself outside of herself.  She was in the arms of what seemed to be a priest, but the voice was that of Jesus.   They were walking without touching the ground, and covered an extremely long distance.  All the while a dog was following them, and it kept one of her feet in his mouth, but without biting it.

     At places along the way they saw cities reduced to a heap of stones.  At other places, towns were buried in water, with seas and rivers overflowing.  At some points chasms of fire were opened.  To Luisa it seemed that all the elements had agreed among themselves to harm the human generations, forming graves in which to bury them.  Even worse was the thick darkness and evil that came from creatures.  Everything was pretense and duplicity, and if there was any good, it was only superficial and apparent.   Within themselves, people were smoldering with the ugliest vices and plotting the most insidious snares.  This displeased the Lord more than if they were openly doing evil.  In other places one could see revolutions and murders.  These things were true of all classes of people.

     After struggling on this long journey, Luisa found herself back inside herself, in her bed.  The Lord stretched out His arms to her in order to seek comfort and rest, for He could take no more.  Leaning His head upon her, He tried to sleep, but it was not a peaceful one.  Then Luisa remembered about His Holy Will, in which there is full rest.  She spoke to Him, saying that she lays her intelligence in His Will to meet His uncreated intelligence, her word in His Fiat, her works and her love in His works and love, and so on.   Then she placed the shadow and sanctity of His own intelligence, Fiat, works and love before all created minds, hearts and works, shielding him so that He could find rest for His weary heart. 

     After this, Jesus calmed Himself and fell into a sweet sleep.  Upon waking, He told her that He was able to rest because she had surrounded Him with the shadows of His works, Fiat and love.  This is the rest He had spoken about after He created all things.  Since man was the last to be created, He wanted to rest in him by virtue of the Divine Will acting in him, to find His own rest and the fulfillment of His works.   But this was denied to him after the Fall, because man did not want to do His Will.   He cannot rest until He gives the last divine brush stroke to all Creation, but for this He needs the soul that lives in His Will.  That is why the earth must be purged and renewed, with strong purges that will cost many lives.

     Some days later, the Lord came to Luisa and rocked her to sleep in His arms.  Whenever she awoke He continued to rock her to sleep.  Then she slept for many hours in a deep sleep.  At one time she sensed Jesus leaning on her heart and almost crushing her under an enormous weight, but in spite of this she could not awaken.  After much struggling, she awoke and saw that her Lord was suffering very much, to the point of suffocating.  She did not understand why He did not let her suffer with him, instead of putting her to sleep. 

     He explained that the offences creatures give Him are so many that He is drowning in pains, and that if He shared them fully with her, she would not be able to endure it and still remain alive.  Since He is always within her, it is inevitable that she have some share in His crushing pains, but in order that she not succumb completely, it is necessary for her to sleep.  But even in her sleep, since she is in the center of His Will, she is an embankment to help keep back His Justice, which wants to pour out against man.

     During the following days she continued to feel dazed and sleepy.  She was troubled at the thought of the chastisements that Jesus had mentioned, and had heard from some people of great destruction that had occurred in regions of the world recently.  Jesus, moving in her interior, told her that this is nothing yet.  The earth will be purified further, since He is disgusted with it and cannot bear its sight.

     She told the Lord that since He is determined to chastise, and since in her sleepiness she can no longer suffer to spare people the evils they deserve, He should therefore free her from the state of victim soul.  Jesus replied that He did not want to displease her, and He would suspend her if it would make her content.   But she feared that this meant she would be doing her own will, and she said that if it came from His Will, not hers, she would accept it.

     He said that since His Justice wants to follow its course, both He and Luisa must surrender to it in part.  Although there are certain rights of Justice that must prevail, by living in the Divine Will she acts as an embankment for its course, preventing the almost total destruction of things, whether she sleeps, prays or suffers.  In fact, He said, this is not about only chastisements – but about destruction. 

     But He does not want to force her to live in the victim state.  He has never liked force, so much so that when He wanted to be born in Bethlehem, His divine power did not force anyone to give the Holy Family hospitality, although He could have done so.   They moved on to knock on other doors, and since no one received them, He contented Himself with being born in a grotto, where the animals gave Him free entrance.  However, this refusal cost the people of Bethlehem very much, since they never again received the benefit of having Him on their soil and in their midst again.     

     He likes spontaneous things, not forced ones.  He wants the soul to freely love Him, and make what He wants her own, as though it were hers and not His.   Otherwise, just as with the inhabitants of Bethlehem, He moves on from souls who are not ready to let Him enter into them, and to give Him full freedom to do whatever He wants with them.  Upon hearing this, Luisa pleaded that she freely wanted to remain in her victim state, even at the cost of mortal pains, and not be forced into it.  He must never leave her and must give her the grace to always do His Will.

     On a later occasion, He appeared unexpectedly and in great affliction. He told her that He is embittered because creatures have put three nails into His heart and breast, giving Him pains of death.  They are preparing three conspiracies, one uglier than the other, and are taking aim at His Church.  While saying this, He showed her secret meetings, in which men were plotting how to assail the Church, how to cause new wars, and how to start new revolutions.  Many horrifying evils could be seen.  Is it not right for His Justice to purify the earth of so many pestiferous lives and incarnate devils, who are plotting ruin for the Church and for society?  But these destructions will serve to fulfill what He has told her – that His Will must come to reign upon the earth.  Therefore Luisa must never go out of His Will, because everything that takes place within her serves for the triumph of the Divine Volition in the midst of men.

     The following morning, He addressed Luisa as His daughter, and said that He is posted within her, and from inside her He looks at what the world is doing.  When He finds a creature who wants no other life but His Volition, then His Will finds company, is loved, and enjoys placing the goods it contains in common with the soul.  He finds His own things in that soul – His sanctity, His light and His very Will acting in her.   He finds Himself with honors and decorum, as when His Humanity was on earth.  His Divinity, living within it, was as though posted and covered with the garment of His Humanity.  Similarly, He covers Himself with the garment of the soul who does His Will, living hidden within her as in His own center.  From inside her He looks out at the evils of creatures, and cries and prays for them. 

     Seeing that one of their own stock has His Will as life on earth, He holds back many chastisements out of regard for her.  Many times He is in the act of destroying creatures and ending it with them because of their great evils.  But just by looking at Luisa, and at His Will and its stronghold in her, He posts Himself again and abstains from doing it.  Therefore Luisa must be patient and always let His Will have complete life in her.

Based on Volume 16 of her revelations on the Divine Will, entries dated 03/19/1924; 03/22/1924; 04/08/1924, 04/11/1924; 05/09/1924.

This excerpt is from my second book on Luisa's mystical life and revelations, Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta, the Middle Years - Part A.


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